22. Afkortingen gebruiken in iNaturalist “suggest an ID” bar accepts partial names

For those of you who may not know, the “suggest an ID” bar accepts partial names, by producing a list of “closest matches”. Thus, eup mac becomes Euphorbia maculata, mall becomes Anas platyrhynchos (ie Mallard), and so on.

I started a spreadsheet of shortcuts! Specifically, short ones, one to three letters or maybe four.

Thought it might be a useful resource for anyone who does a lot of IDs, especially if you’re doing coarse identifications. Maybe you’ll find a neat shortcut you wouldn’t have thought of. There are some weird surprises in there (q q = Chelicerata??).
Please help me fill it in. As it gets longer and more complete, it’ll be more useful.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V5II3NaULAmVqdYWh5DTm2rASvcPQgcgvXTcyYjBrkM/edit?usp=sharing 11

nor moc = northern mockingbird, bla pho = black Phoebe, cal scr = California scrub jay, ocr sea = ochre sea star, pac pur = pacific purple sea urchin, etc.
there were a shorter way to fill in the ‘Euphorbia’ species that I’m constantly typing”. Then memorize a relevant listed string for use, or contribute one if you figure out a good shortcut. Sounds handy, great


  1. Afkortingen gebruiken in iNaturalist “suggest an ID” bar accepts partial names



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