The genus Hariola Stål, 1863

No one has found this creature on iNat, so incase anyone does, it will be very useful. It's range is in Indonesia, in the countries Buru, Maluku and Papua. It's species can be distinguished easily by their cephalic process / snout.

Definition for Hariola

1) Wings: transparent; coloured near wing base and membrane
2) Ovular eyes
3) Found within the countries Buru, Maluku and Papua

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Hariola tiarata

Stål, 1863

Snout large distinct. Towards the apex, the snout / cephalic process goes forward. Almost halfway the snout / cephalic process, it turns upwards, and becomes slightly bulbous similar those of the pyrops' effusus group, which I have wittten about here.

Distribution: Buru and Maluku islands

Hariola claryi

Nagai, Porion and Audibert, 2016

Snout short with flat apex. Snout slightly tilted upwards.

Distribution: Papua


Une deuxième espèce pour le genre Hariola Stål, 1863 : H. claryi n. sp., de Papouasie (Hemiptera, Fulgoromorpha, Fulgoridae)

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