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1) The 2024 CNC has over 500 projects! So, since a CNC iNaturalist umbrella project can only host 500 individual projects, the 2024 is being split into two umbrella projects covering two geographical regions by continent:

North and South America

Eurasia, Africa and Oceania

2) The CNC website has really been improved:

Make sure to check out the all the menu links, especially the FAQ and the new Events link. The Events page has links to upcoming online training opportunities. Here is a link to a great organizer training video:

3) Remember: if you ever have any questions, the place to ask them is the iNaturalist forum:

-Be sure to utilize the search button in the top right! If you have a “how do I….” question about iNaturalist, there’s a really good chance someone has already asked that question
-iNaturalist may create a City Nature Challenge specific category for the event (they have in the past), but if they don’t, just be sure to ask your question in the right category – the two most likely categories would be:
-General: for those “how do I…” questions that haven’t already been asked or answered
-Bug Reports: if you think you’re experiencing a technical issue, add it to this category and be sure to describe it in detail and add screenshots where applicable!

4) If you are having major problems with iNaturalist during the CNC that can’t be/aren’t answered in the Forum, send an email to:

5) To see the results from last year, go here:

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