City Nature Challenge 2021: Northeast Tennessee's Journal

May 04, 2021

May 4- midnight May 9, ID TIME!

Click on over to this page to easily find those observations that still need IDs. "Unknowns" won't be included in our species count so, yeah, let's get to that magic number of 1,000 unique species!


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May 03, 2021

One more day and weather alert for Monday's events!

You all have done us proud! More than 700 species and counting! WOOHOO! Great job!

Reminder that while all observations must be made between April 30 and May 3 you can still upload observations taken on those days until May 9th at midnight. Look at your observations to see if you can submit them a second time showing the second species in the photo. Bee AND the flower it is on- use the same photo but list the second one under the other species.

Monday events!
Laurel Run Park is not a place you want to get caught in during a large rainfall or high winds. Organized hike CANCELLED.

Sycamore Shoals CANCELLED. SORRY!

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April 14, 2021

City Nature Challenge EVENTS! (and special places!)

All events are free and open to the public for iNaturalist observations. Donations welcomed for the Warrior's Path sponsored event.
See links for details

Friday April 30

Jacob's Nature Park
Beginning Birding and more! Both beginners and experienced birders will enjoy Jacob's Park eBird hotspot. So far, 139 (update that to 140!) species of birds have been identified at the park. Hosted by David Kirschke
1920 Ocala St ( Classroom entrance)
8:00 am

Rocky Fork State Park
Intro walk to Rocky Fork's incredible biodiversity and unique to our events, you'll learn some of Rocky Fork's role in American history!
501 Rocky Fork Road
Flag Pond, TN 37657
9 to 11 am
Host John Beaudet of the East Tennessee Trail Association

Buffalo Mountain Park
570 High Ridge Rd
10 to 11 am
Host- Connie Deegan, JCPR

Phipps Bend Trail
Schmiede Rd, Surgoinsville, TN 37873
1:00 to 3:00
Host- Cade Campbell

Saturday May 1
Roan Mountain State Park
Twin Springs Picnic Area
9 to noon
Hosted by Larry McDaniel, TriCities Young Naturalists

Watauga River Bluffs State Natural Area
9 to noon
Hosted by Ranger Marty Silver
Please see This is not a CNC event but a wonderful local event which will give people the opportunity to make iNaturalist observations that will count in our CNC totals.

Rocky Fork State Park Nature Walk
Intro walk, Rocky Fork's incredible biodiversity.
501 Rocky Fork Road
Flag Pond, TN 37657
9 to 11 am
Host volunteer Van Hovey

Jacob's Nature Park
King Springs Rd, Johnson City
3 to 5pm
Hosted by Mel Kelley/Friends of Jacob's Nature Park

Sunday May 2
ETSU Arboretum Walk/ Wildlife in the Trees
1 to 3 pm

Monday May 3
Winged Deer Park, Disc Golf Parking Lot
10 to 11am
Connie Deegan, JCPR

Laurel Run Park Wildflower and Birding
11 to whenever
Host- Mel Kelley/ Tri-Cities Sierra Club Committee
NO CELL SERVICE, cameras best at this site

Sycamore Shoals State Historic Park
5pm to 6pm
hosted by Heather Hendrix

SPECIAL PLACES without on-site CNC events but well the worth visit to see wildlife and make CNC observations! Normal admission fees where applicable.

Steele Creek Park ( normal admission fees apply)
Bristol, TN

Warrior's Path State Park
Kingsport, TN

Bays Mountain Park
Kingsport, TN

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iNaturalist Training Dates

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March 31, 2021

City Nature Challenge 2021!

We are busy making plans for training sessions, CNC events and suggested observation sites for this year's City Nature Challenge!

If you have a group which would benefit from a training session, let me know and we'll do our best to hook you up! We still need more volunteers to lead hikes or simply be on site at certain areas should new iNat users have questions. If you can help, contact me! Thanks! Mel

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