What's that sound?

How are you going with the bird challenge? Did your subject fly away just as you were about to take the perfect shot? Frogs can be tricky to photograph too, as they're more often heard than seen. Don't forget, birds, frogs and some other species can be identified by their calls alone. We have very few sound recordings in the Backyard Species Discovery project - fewer than 0.4% of our observations include sound! So, this week, we challenge you to add at least one sound recording to our project. Supporting images are welcome, of course, but the judges will be looking for good quality sound recordings that will lead to identifications. Upload an observation that includes sound and submit your entry to bushblitz@awe.gov.au by next Wednesday 12 August. For full details visit the Bush Blitz website and, remember, our bird challenge closes at midnight AEST tonight Wednesday 5 August.

Congratulations to @twan3253 who won the 'Plant invaders' challenge last week - he will receive an e-voucher for Snowgum and a Bush Blitz cap. Tim is a top contributor to the Backyard Species Discovery project. Since 2018, he has uploaded 12,203 observations and made 49,118 identfications on iNaturalist. He describes himself as an amateur naturalist fascinated by nature. “I love a bit of beachcombing or bushwalking, and collecting lots of feathers! I don't really have any specialities. I also enjoy IDing Australian birds and frogs, and am glad to help citizen science reach its full potential in Australia, so would love to see more observations from Australia! For the beginners, feel free to check out my iNat profile for identification guides on a wide range of animals, or ask me anything about using iNaturalist! :)” Here is one of his photos of Mother of Thousands (Kalanchoe delagoensis).

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