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(This blog entry is just in order to loosely collect/link all surrounding information that was given in comments or other journal posts of this project in one source)

Insects // Insekten
Informations about it (in german):
Can be found:
- on mosses: Hylocomium splendens, Pleurozium schreberi, Hedwigia albicans, Polytrichum piliferum and Grimmia sp.
- from October til March
- not too hard to identify due to its distinctive pattern
- However, it is only active in the winter season around oak trees and quite small, which could be the reason for the poor reporting
- can be found on murals and crataegus and other places
- german name "Bärlauch-Erzschwebfliege" and only 5 records in germany, while there is so much Allium ursinum everywhere!
- similar species:,, (red antennae), (not as distinctive spots, light hairs on the eyes; among other traits)
- images showing leave mines:

Mosses // Moose (which now belongs to Tortula, see, but anyway)
- lives very short time and is very tiny
- only 3 iNat records so far
- how does it look like? Check out this obs by alexis_orion:
- it is now part of Tortula (

some Poaceae
listet in this blog entry:

Posted by mobbini mobbini, February 14, 2020 07:05



@mobbini here's another one: - Phloiophilus edwardsii

Posted by alexis_orion 25 days ago (Flag)

sounds very promising :-) I found at

"Die Phloio­philidae (Doppel­zahn­woll­haar­käfer) sind eine mit den Melyridae sehr nahe verwandte Familie, die nur eine Gattung mit einer Art enthält. Phloiophilus edwardsii ist winteraktiv und entwickelt sich am Pilz Peniophora quercina, der an Eichen vorkommt. Die Art ist ein Europa weit verbreitet."

Posted by mobbini 25 days ago (Flag)

oh, we have it already! Great!

Posted by mobbini 25 days ago (Flag)

I meant an observation for the project :)

Posted by alexis_orion 25 days ago (Flag)

I got it ... finally :-D

Posted by mobbini 25 days ago (Flag)

@alexis_orion @martingrimm @carnifex I mentioned few days ago in some or other comment that I wanted to add "Bärlauch-Erzschwebfliegen" in the list. Now I stumbled over this obs and decided to post-add the species in the challenge in order to add the observation in the project. Hope this next bending of rules is ok :-) And hope of some more finds of these flies hovering over the Allium ursinum fiels!

Posted by mobbini 9 days ago (Flag)

totally fine to me.

Posted by alexis_orion 9 days ago (Flag)

Yes, I was anyways thinking it was 'officially' on the list :)

Posted by carnifex 9 days ago (Flag)

Ich frag mich, ob bei meinen vielen unbestimmten Syrphiden vielleicht schon eine dabei ist.

Posted by martingrimm 9 days ago (Flag)

Na dann auf, alle nochmal durchgehen! Zumindest für meine Augen sieht sie durch ihr elegantes Anthrazit ja doch catchy genug aus :-)

Posted by mobbini 9 days ago (Flag)

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