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I joined Inaturalist in 2015 with my awful quality Samsung S3 photos. The program has been a important tool and source of inspiration for me learn more.

I first became interested in indigenous plants in the mid 1990's attending annual community planting day events. I began the task of re-vegetating my childhood home bush-block when I was 8 with Poa labillardieri and ensiformis plants. Living in a semi-natural environment, I was able to learn by observing, watching interactions in nature. For my twelfth birthday I received the 3rd edition of the Flora of Melbourne. I would cross out old names and update the book myself eagerly awaiting an update, until the 4th edition appeared in 2014. I completed my Diploma of Conservation Land Management that same year. Later on I began working in ecological restoration, and continue to do so now as a sole trader. I've been a botanical field assistant periodically from 2007 to 2019. Currently studying a Bachelor of Conservation and Wildlife Biology. My interest in conservation has evolved over time solely from indigenous plants, invasive species, ecological restoration, vegetation dynamics, geological influence on plant distribution, landscape scale disturbance events. The key theme has always been indigenous vascular plants.

I've spent much time wandering around the Dandenong Ranges attempting to better understand the landscape and how it has changed over time. One of my current projects is to finish walking every track within the Dandenong Ranges National Park in the Melways.

As many people as possible need to be encouraged to preserve and restore remnant vegetation and Inaturalist is a great place to start

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