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Grew up next to Australian bush. Spent much of life overseas. Love nature, enjoy the challenges of nature photography, but unfortunately rarely get the chance these days. Impressed by this community and a big believer in open source and citizen science / education so will definitely stick around!

Read about the DANGER of fertilizing Australian native plants: and

Download Volumes 1-10 of 'Ecology of Sydney Plant Species' at

Review of the Biodiversity of Sydney Harbour:

Review of Sydney Harbour estuary literature:

Three good videos for new gardeners (watch at 1.5x speed):

Information dense video series on Western Australian plants:

Check out @dnicolle's guide to 'Classification of the Eucalypts':

Note that there are apparently still a lot of plants not on iNat which do occur in Australia, in which case you should check ALA. Equisetidae are an example: vs.

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