Mark Kriedemann

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I've lived in Sydney for all my life bar a few years in Papua New Guinea.

I'm a graduate in science (biotechnology) and Arts (International Relations), and currently doing communications (journalism) at a new uni.

My interest in naturalism has only been casual until recently when I got a decent camera and realised that I could take decent photos of birds in particular. I've not had a special fascination with birds in the past, instead being more interested in reptiles. However, it seems that almost all of my early observations have been of birds so I seem to have been drawn to them. That being said, when I was younger I loved cormorants, albatross, and ospreys and I'm now rediscovering my love for their behaviour and appearence.

I generally love the idea of iNaturalist, particularly since it has been integrated with the Atlas Of Living Australia. I'm hoping to observe something in every corner of NSW in 2019 and move onto other states perhaps next year when I might get the chance to do some more travelling.

We don't have a great track record with conservation in Australia, so I'm hoping that recording and sharing images of our wildlife around in the media will help.

Instagram (Australian landscape and iNaturalist observations mainly):

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