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If you have opted out of community taxon, please do not @ me. I opt out of adding IDs to observations for people who opt out of the community taxon.

If you're an IDer and also want to opt out of IDing for people who opt out of the community taxon, see this post: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/opting-out-of-community-taxon/38062/144?u=dep

Tantalus was a mythical king who offended the greek gods, either by sacrificing his own son or by sharing godly secrets with humans. To punish him for his transgressions, the greek gods of the underworld put him in the middle of a pool of water with delicious fruit trees overhanging it. This might not seem like much of a punishment, but he had no other source of food or water... and when he tried to bend down to take a sip of the water from the pool, the water level would go down such that he could never reach it. When he tried to reach up to grab some fruit to eat, the branches would move up so he could never reach them either.
And that is where the word "tantalizing" comes from.

Sisyphus was another mythical king who was also punished by the greek gods. This time, they decided to punish him by making him have to roll a large boulder up a hill. Every time he got to the top of the hill, the boulder would slip away from him and roll back to the bottom of the hill, so that he would have to go through the whole process of pushing the boulder up once again.
That's where the word "sisyphean" comes from.

If I had to define life in two words, it would be tantalizing and sisyphean.

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