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I try to keep track of the thistles and their relatives (Tribe Cardueae of the Asteraceae) here on iNat. I mostly keep track of the ones in North America, where I am more familiar with them, but I sometimes look outside of this continent. Feel free to tag me if you want me to look at an observation!

Also, with thistles, their relatives, and Asteraceae as a whole, please try to get a good photo of the phyllaries (which you can do with a side-view of the flower head)! The phyllaries are often one of the best features for ID.

I also have interests in the flora of Hawaiʻi, particularly the families Phyllanthaceae and Linderniaceae.

También yo hablo el español, y si tiene usted preguntas sobre los cardos y prefiere usar el español, estará bien.

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