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Wunya (Greetings)!
I am a retired teacher of secondary Geography and Environmental Science who enjoys visiting places, walking, photography and appreciation of nature.
However, it hasbeen confronting to see the ecological and social results of the spring and summer bushfires of 2019-2020 (Australia's Black Summer).

While Queensland did not suffer the most severe effects of the Black Summer fires, nevertheless, huge swaths were burnt, and impacts were significant.
I am also interested in mangroves, and was amazed to see fire impact on the edge of mangrove forest at Burrum Coast NP (near the settlement of Woodgate).

It is clear that there is much to find out about identifying Australia's fungi, plants and animals, and the effects of bushfires upon these species.
Thank you to those who share expertise by identifying the many field observations uploaded to this site.
May we be heartened by the aspects of Nature's recovery we are able to document through this project!

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