September 16, 2020

Journal Lab 2 (16/09/2020)

The white willow (Salix alba) is found in the family Salicaceae, order Malpighiales, and of Kingdom Plantae. The most recent common ancestors to the species include the red willow, bay willow, safsaf willow, shining willow, and Wisconsin weeping willow.

Each subpopulation of trees adapts to global temperatures changes by modifying the optimum temperature at which the process of photosynthesis takes place. Most of the species in our project have green leaves, meaning that all of these trees have developed the photosynthesis adaptation, and adapted to the increase of temperatures in France.

The bark of plane trees has the particularity of regenerating itself. When the dead tissue (called the rhytidoma) separates from the trunk in large patches, the outer layer, thin and greenish-grey, then reveals a new cream-coloured layer. Thanks to this phenomenon, plane trees, often planted alongside roads, withstand pollution better than other trees which turn black.

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