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March 02, 2018

Your thoughts on how the iNat team can best help the community grow and thrive

Hi iNaturalist community members,

I am excited to share that this week I joined the iNaturalist staff! I am thrilled to help this community continue to grow and connect more people to nature while enhancing our collective understanding of biodiversity.

Next week there will be an iNat staff retreat to plan future iNaturalist development. In preparation for that, I would love to hear your thoughts about how the core team can best support you in your efforts to grow participation in your area (be it geographic, taxonomic, or otherwise).

I would appreciate if we keep the focus of this thread on the generation of ideas, without extensively repeating discussion of previous feature requests or changes from the Google Group (I've also posted this same query there if you want to read that conversation), and without criticizing other people’s ideas.

Other ways to think about this prompt:

-How can we help you be a better, more effective multiplier of iNat activity?
-What can we do keep new, returning, or occasional users engaged?

Comments by the end of the day on Monday will be most helpful.

Thanks for all that you do to make iNaturalist an awesome, productive, and welcoming community.


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March 14, 2018

Next call for the DC area City Nature Challenge: March 15!

We have over 90 people subscribed to our regional Google Group for coordinating participation in the DC and Baltimore metro areas! Starting this month, we are having bi-weekly calls and will move to weekly calls in April.

We're especially focused on coordinating organizational participation, but anyone is welcome to join the calls!

Thursday, March 15 & 29, then every Thursday in April
2-3 PM
Call (605) 472-5436
Access code: 908439

You can check out the notes and agenda here.

Tagging some of our active users from the metro area and participants last year! Please tag in others--I'm just getting the ball rolling here.
@muir @treegrow @kellykrechmer @judygva @jacobogre @annagypsy @belyykit @mellis @peggyo @tminatbe @achang @anneanderson @treichard @rgauzagronert @suzanne11 @laura_sebastianelli @calopteryx @ashley_bradford @abookb @briangratwicke

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