February 17, 2020

In my front yard

I took advantage of the partially sunny (ok dryish) day to take a walk around my yard. I wanted to see if there were any new specimens fruiting. I was surprise to see so many changes from just a month ago. My daffodils are in full bloom, the maple trees are budding, and my comfrey is sprouting.

As I walked along the hardwood pile of logs, I noticed a new fruiting of the polypores and ran inside to grab my camera. On one log I found 3 different species growing and just up the hill two more. I am curious about the succession of the species that will inhabit these logs.

I found Trametes versicolor, Stereum hirsutum, a Daedalea, Schyzophyllum commune, and the beautiful violet colored Tricaptum abietinus.

In my backyard, in a particularly wet and shady spot I found a Coprinus-like specimen, but it was growing out of a wood stump. The spore print was black and prolific. As I sit here typing this that specimen has completely turned black and the gills have almost disintegrated.

The theme today, seems to be the velvet or hairy type mushrooms. I was excited to discover some new things and am proud of myself for being able to tell the difference between the shelf-like zoned specimens. At first glance they all look so similar, but when you stop and really look, you can see all of the subtle differences.

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